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QT6-15B Brick Machine
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QT6-15B Brick Machine

The main machine utilized the advanced pressure and vibration technology to form the block, the strength and density of brick is higher.

QT6-15B Full automatic brick machine

 Main Characteristics:

1.The main machine utilized the advanced pressure and vibration technology to form the block, the strength and density of brick is higher.

2.Swift speed arch breaking device can consumedly shorten the concrete material distributing time.

3.The control system has the data setting device, the distributing time and vibration time is resettable to meet various material.

Components of production Line:

Description Quantity
QT6-15B Block making machine 1
Brick receiver 1
Pallet feeder 1
Hydraulic system 1
PLC control system 1
Conveyor belt 1
JS500 Mixer 1
Batching machine(electronic calculation) 1
Cement silo 1
Cement and water scale 1
Cement screw 1
Free mould 1

Production capacity:

Brick Type Brick size
pcs/mould Production Capacity/hr Output/8hours
Standard brick 240x115x53mm 36pcs/mould 8,640pcs 69,120pcs
Hollow block 390x190x190mm 6pcs/mould 1,440pcs 11,520pcs
Porous brick 240x115x90mm 18pcs/mould 3,240pcs 25,920pcs
Paver brick 200x100x60mm 20pcs/mould 3,600pcs 28,800pcs

Technical data:

Power 29.75KW Overall Dimension 4200x2700x2600mm
Molding Cycle 15-25s/time Gross Weight 5700kgs
Voltage 380V/3phase Pallet Size 1150x580x30mm
Molding height 50-200mm Molding area 1100x550mm

 Production Flow Chart:

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We are constantly developing and adding machines to our product line. If you do not see a machine that meets you requirement, give us a call or send us an email angelju2012@hotmail.com , with you information and we will get back to you within one day. We carry some machines that are not on this list, because we could not complete our negotiations with the manufacturer at the time that this website was updated. 

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