Heavyweight: Hebei Province officially released a new version of the product catalog of construction engineering materials and equipment for promotion, restriction and prohibition

  The housing and urban and rural construction bureaus (construction bureaus), urban management bureaus (urban management committees, law enforcement bureaus), planning and construction bureaus of Xiong'an New Area Management Committee of all cities (including Dingzhou and Xinji), and relevant units:

  In order to promote new green building materials with energy conservation, environmental protection and excellent performance, support building energy conservation and green building development, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading, according to the Regulations of Hebei Province on Energy Conservation of Civil Buildings and the Regulations of Hebei Province on the Use and Management of Materials and Equipment for Building Engineering, and in combination with the actual situation of our province, Our department has organized the preparation of the Catalogue of Materials and Equipment for the Promotion, Restriction and Prohibition of the Use of Construction Projects in Hebei Province (2018 Edition) (hereinafter referred to as the "Catalogue"), which is hereby released after expert argumentation and social publicity. The relevant matters are notified as follows:

  1、 This catalog synthesizes the contents of the first eight batches of "Product Catalog of Promoting, Limiting and Eliminating the Use of Construction Engineering Materials and Equipment" in our province. Some materials and equipment that still need to be promoted, restricted and prohibited are retained, and the implementation time is still in accordance with the original catalog. At the same time, according to the actual situation of the country and our province, on the basis of learning from the policies of other provinces and municipalities, we have added and deleted some contents. Due to the large variety of materials and equipment, this catalog can not cover all of them. For materials and equipment not listed in the catalog, the current national and provincial policies and standards shall be followed.

  2、 For the products popularized in the catalog, the architectural design and construction units shall give priority to the selection according to the current standards and specifications; The architectural design and construction units shall strictly control the products that are restricted in use and shall not use them within the limits; The architectural design and construction units shall not use the prohibited products. If the materials and equipment restricted and prohibited in this catalog have been designed and selected before the issuance of this notice, or have been used for construction projects after the implementation of this catalog, the construction unit shall negotiate with the design and construction units to modify the design.

  3、 The departments of urban and rural housing construction and urban management in all cities (including Dingzhou City and Xinji City) shall forward this Circular to all relevant units to implement it. The construction, design and construction enterprises that use materials and equipment that are restricted or prohibited in violation of regulations shall be dealt with in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. For the production enterprises that supply the construction projects with restricted or prohibited products in violation of the regulations, our department will record them in the enterprise's bad credit file and publish them on the Hebei Province Construction Engineering Materials and Equipment Use Filing and Credit Platform.

  This Notice shall come into force as of the date of issuance. The original Hebei Construction Project Materials and Equipment Promotion Catalogue of Green Energy Saving Products (2013 Edition) (Ji Jian Cai Cai [2013] No. 10) and Hebei Promotion, Restriction and Prohibition of the Use of Construction Project Materials and Equipment Product Catalogue (2015 Edition) (Ji Jian Cai Cai [2015] No. 8) shall be repealed at the same time. In case of any discrepancy between the previously released catalogue and this catalogue, this catalogue shall prevail.

  Appendix: 1. Product Catalogue of Materials and Equipment for Construction Projects Promoted, Restricted and Prohibited in Hebei Province (2018 Edition)

  2. Compilation instructions for Hebei Province to promote, restrict and prohibit the use of construction engineering materials and equipment (2018 version)

  Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development of Hebei Province

  November 27, 2018


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