From composite slabs to stone bricks, standardized production will leverage the big market.

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From the transformation of composite boards to stone bricks, standardized production will leverage the big market date: March 25, 2018, 10:49 Stone composite boards include ceramic composite boards, granite composite boards, glass composite boards, aluminum honeycomb composite boards, etc. Composite panels can save precious stone materials and increase strength. Now, more and more countries and regions in the international market are widely used, and the market development trend of marble composite panels is also verified. Previously, the domestic stone composite board to foreign trade, but in recent years, a number of Nan'an stone enterprises began to create a brand point of view of the domestic market, through the opening of high-end stores and other ways, the stone

From composite slabs to stone bricks, standardized production will leverage the big market.

Date:March 25, 2018, 10:49

 StoneComposite panels are ceramic composite panels, granite composite panels, glass composite panels, aluminum honeycomb composite panels. Composite board can save preciousStoneIt can also increase strength. Now, internationalMarketThe widespread use of more and more countries and regions has also verified the use of marble composite panels.Marketdevelopment trend.

Previously, domesticStoneComposite board to foreign trade, but in recent years there have been a numberNananStoneEnterpriseBegin to create brand angle force domestic salesMarket, by opening high-end specialty stores, etc., willStoneComposite panels are brought to ordinary consumers like tiles. The name "stone brick" was also officially born. Stone brick has the advantages of natural marble, luxurious atmosphere, natural texture and natural texture. At the same time, it avoids some defects of marble full-body version. Relatively speaking, stone brick has more uniform color, strong waterproof and anti-pollution ability, higher strength, lighter weight and more convenient installation. It can effectively avoid the disadvantages of alkali return, dirt seepage and cracking, and has become a natural decorative material favored by high-end consumers.

Standardized mass production

in the last two years,StoneComposite board brands continue to emerge, especially in the marble and ceramic tile composite sub-category-stone brick, but also kill a number of dark horses. Casvino, Milosi, Schlanger, Yanchao Yatai, Uphimia, Haoting, etc.NananThe stone brick brand began to emerge. "with traditionStoneand ceramicProductsCompared to the stone brick production process is more complex, such as naturalStoneThe processing only needs 4 processes, while the composite slabs and stone bricks need more than a dozen. If they cannot be standardized, they cannot be mass-produced, which is very detrimental to the development of the industry." Bai Li Jiang said.

some brandsEnterpriseAlready tasted the sweetness of standardization. Zhang Caoming, manager of Casvino's planning department, said that Casvino's stone bricks have achieved standardized production and worked out a set of standardized operation plans. Designers and consumers can directly choose from the "menu"StoneRenovation program. The advantage of this is to change the situation of waiting for customers in the past,StoneSuppliers can take the initiative to designProductsPromote to designers and consumers to achieve mass production like ceramic tiles.

Standardized production cannot be simply regarded as an automated production line or a processing process with consistent volume and size, but a refined management of the entire industrial process from mining to logistics, processing and sales. ExistingStoneEnterpriseRestricted by mine resources, it is still difficult to realize quantitative production. Sometimes there are only dozens or even a few pieces of marble with a color. Its rare value makes it impossible to cut at will. However, some marble with a strange color is restricted by the difficulty of mining. It is very small and often requires high-level splicing and processing into plates at a later stage. However, it must be seen thatQuanzhouNananEnterpriseMany stone companies, led by Turkey, have been making frequent moves in recent years to seize manyStoneMine resources of producing countries

Can stone bricks be promotedQuanzhouTraditional building materials industry transformation and upgrading, create a new situation, we wait and see.