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Five items to keep in mind when setting up a brick-free pallet

Five items to keep in mind when setting up a brick-free pallet

company news
2020/04/22 09:57

  Set up a non-burning brick machine pallet to remember 5 major items
  There are many manufacturers of non-burning brick machine pallets. It is inevitable that some friends will find it difficult to buy them. I don’t know where to start to get the heart-free brick-free pallets. Don’t worry, just keep the following five items in place. The brick machine tray is a piece of cake:
  First, go to the non-burning brick machine pallet company to inspect the company's strength, to see if it is a standard legal company;
  Second, the initial order can be fixed in small quantities, try out the products of the company;
  Third, determine the contract to see the terms, payment methods, quality effectiveness, delivery methods;
  Fourth, whether the payment can go to the public account, whether the delivery can be cash on delivery;
  5. The best way to know the quality and effectiveness of the company's products is in place.