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QTA7 full-automatic non-burning brick machine

Gaotang Qilu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is based on the four advantages of quality survival and innovation. Our company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of brick machines, non-burning brick machines, semi-automatic/full-automatic non-burning brick machines/hydraulic brick machines, concrete brick machines, block forming machines, brick machines, hollow brick machines, pavement brick machines, hydraulic brick machines, brick making machines, perforated brick making machines, hydraulic brick making machines and hydraulic brick making machines.

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Product Description

QTA7 type automatic unburned brick machine technical parameters

QTA7-2000Type technical parameters

Maximum molding area

1,100× 700mm

Main vibration form

Table vibration

Overall dimensions of the host

Length 5600 × width 2700 × height 3000

vibration frequency


Height of finished product


electronic control system


Forming cycle

12-18seconds (depending on product shape)

Overall power


Exciting force


Total Weight


Pallet Size

1,150× 750×(12-35)mm

Number of molding blocks

390×190×190mm(7 pieces/die)

200 × 100 × 60mm(30 pieces/mold)
240 × 115 × 50mm(44 pieces/mold)


QTA7 type automatic non-burning brick machine main composition and advantages

Forming host: This equipment is a vibration-pressure four-column forming brick-making machine. Due to its unique design and advanced forming principle, this machine realizes the automation of frequency conversion of plate feeding, brick, aggregate, fabric and vibration stacking. There is a multi-purpose machine, stable performance, easy operation, high output characteristics.

1. Vibration system: four-axis vibration, Qilu brick machine patented technology (integrated design of vibrator and vibration platform) penetrating vibration, high vibration frequency, uniform vibration force, vibrator power part is frequency conversion vibration. The maximum use of effective vibration force, balanced vibration force will be transmitted to the various parts of the mold box, the maximum degree of product density and mold service life.

2. Hydraulic system: Qilu brick machine is independently designed, the oil pipe design is neatly arranged, and the oil pipe direction is more reasonable. The main oil pump, double proportional valve and solenoid valve are all parts from domestic high-end manufacturers, and the core technology of Qilu brick machine is assembled, with stable performance, extremely low failure rate, fast and stable walking speed of each action. The tubing is imported from Italy, with aging resistance, no oil leakage and long service life. The joint wire adopts the products of domestic high-end manufacturers to avoid oil leakage and oil leakage, ensure stable pressure and good operation of equipment.

3. Electric control system: Qilu brick machine PLC automatic (three frequency conversion) comprehensive control technology, independent frequency conversion design for each part of the whole line. PLC adopts Taiwan Fengwei, touch screen, sensor, frequency converter and circuit accessories all adopt famous brand accessories such as Omron, Taiwan Shilin, Jie Tong, Sine, ABB, etc.

4. Distributing system: the new semi-closed storage hopper adopts electronically controlled door opening. The discharging amount can be adjusted at will according to the amount of materials used in different brick types. The discharging is more accurate. The distributing vehicle adopts reciprocating gear type to add materials to the mold quickly and evenly. The bottom plate of the cloth car adopts Shanghai Baosteel NM400 high-strength wear-resistant plate, which greatly improves the service life. The stirring teeth are quenched with 35cro, which has good willfulness and good wear resistance. The bolt design makes it more convenient to replace.

5. Brick receiving machine: the operation is frequency conversion control, the speed is adjustable, the operation is stable, and the finished product is not damaged.

6, the cloth truck lifting platform: the use of hydraulic top lifting, beautiful, practical, easy to change the mold.

7, safety net: the use of hanging safety net, maintenance and disassembly more convenient, convenient to use, more secure.

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Burning-free brick machine

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