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QTA10 full-automatic non-burning brick machine

Gaotang Qilu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is based on the four advantages of quality survival and innovation. Our company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of brick machines, non-burning brick machines, semi-automatic/full-automatic non-burning brick machines/hydraulic brick machines, concrete brick machines, block forming machines, brick machines, hollow brick machines, pavement brick machines, hydraulic brick machines, brick making machines, perforated brick making machines, hydraulic brick making machines and hydraulic brick making machines.

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Product Description

QTA10 type automatic unburned brick machine technical parameters

QTA10-2000Type technical parameters

Maximum molding area

1,100 × 900mm

Main vibration form

Table vibration

Overall dimensions of the host

Length 5700 × width 2700 × height 3000

vibration frequency


Height of finished product


electronic control system


Forming cycle

12-18 seconds (depending on product shape)

Overall power


Exciting force


Total Weight


Pallet Size

1,150 × 950 ×(12-35)mm

Number of molding blocks

390 × 190 × 190mm(10 pieces/mold)

200 × 100 × 60mm(40 pieces/mold)
240 × 115 × 50mm(51 pieces/mold)


QTA10 type automatic non-burning brick machine main technical features:

It is 1. suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises to invest in the establishment of automatic block equipment production line to realize automatic production.
2. automatic block production line is a kind of automatic production line with frame maintenance, with advanced technology, simple configuration and compact operation mode, which can realize automatic continuous production from feeding to block forming and palletizing.
3. advanced vibration technology, respectively, fabric and vibration molding, making the most uniform fabric, molding optimization.
4. size 5700mm long * 2700mm wide * 3000mm high hydraulic system rated pressure 21MPA main vibration form table vibration frequency.

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Burning-free brick machine

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